VA Nürnberg_ März 2022_ ZAGD
March 26, 2022

Competence Network on Anti-Black Racism (KomPAD) in Nuremberg

On Saturday, 26.03.2022, our first event for the year 2022 took place in Nuremberg within the framework of the Competence Network on Anti-Black Racism (KomPAD), which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth as part of the federal program "Democracy Live!".

The event was aimed at multipliers and advisors of Anti-Black Racism (ASR) and their organizations. The goal of the training was to offer space for active knowledge exchange as well as to contribute to the further development of ASR discrimination counseling and to the structural strengthening of organizations from the Black communities and their work on the topic of ASR. 

In a two-part program, participants were made aware and strengthened on the following contents: 

1. What does racism mean? 
2. Racism and Colorism 
3. Racism and the psyche 
    – Everyday Racism
    – Racial Trauma
4. How to recognize and define racism 
5. How to combine verbal strategies, action level and argumentation level 
6. How do I do anti-racism work? 
7. Dealing with discriminatory and racist remarks 
    – What to do if I or another person has been racially discriminated against?
    – How do I counsel victims of racist discrimination? 



Get to know the three network partners ISD, ZAGD, EOTO of KomPAD. Together we represent an important part of the heterogeneity of the Black, African, Afro-diasporic communities in Germany.